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      By gamers, for gamers.

By gamers, for gamers.

Insight, ideation, and execution.
We are a group of enthusiastic advertisers who all share a love for games, anime, and general nerdom on a mission to shake up the world of gaming communication.

A new narrative
in gaming

With our roots in advertising, a passion for storytelling, and gamers ourselves, we can offer a unique perspective to the gaming world. Our mission is to bridge the gap between what our clients envision – and what the gaming audience craves. We do it by blending strategy and creativity, resulting in a production that resonates with the dynamic spirit of gaming.

The power of collaborating

We believe in a culture that  is about inclusiveness and being in it together. We use market insights and data analysis before jumping into creative ideation and production. And we’re here to craft content that goes beyond the traditional — teaser, trailer, gameplay — by expanding on your narrative worlds.

Our services

Trailers, Cinematics, MoCap, Featurettes, Game Capture, Anamorphic, SoMe, Key Art

What we do

One-Stop-Shop: From Strategy Ideation to Execution.
Insight: Blending contemporary culture with the dynamic spirit of gaming to create content that resonates.
Nerdom: Immersed in nerd culture, we're at the heart of gaming and storytelling.
Craft: Artistry and craftsmanship down to the last pixel with vast visual references and knowledge.
Marketing: Our advertising strategies are insight-driven, crafting tailored content designed to enrich and broaden your game's narrative landscape.

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"We are your One-Stop-Shop: Partnering with us means tailored content with an advertiser's twist. Shaped by a team passionate about gaming. Together, we'll not just tell stories but expand your game's narrative universe."

Alexander Hols – CD/Senior producer (Gaming & Innovation)